Flower Friday

I'm feeling less than 100% today, got myself a head cold and feeling really sleepy. I suppose it's the ant histamine that I took last night, a slow release ....take one every 24 hours.

Of course it's never convenient when a cold comes along!! Starting tonight our club is running a weekend workshop with Newell Grenfell; a well known, highly respected man that has many awards in his field which is mainly photojournalism and producing incredible AV (audio visuals).

Because of this weekend, I doubt that an opportunity will present itself to blip until Sunday night.

Tonight is open to all club member, he will show some of his work etc, tomorrow we are involved with "Get to the Point" (Pleasant Point). Which has heaps of stalls, lots of activities.....a real gala day.

I will be totally outside my comfort zone, those that follow my journal will know I don't photograph people in the street enviorement. That's the very reason I'm attending.

Tiny tiny Daisy - Bellis perennis (I think) - used 50mm, f1.4 with my three extension tubes. Love doing this sort of photography, the softer and smushy the better.


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