Rodents rule

By squirk


It's the lid of a box of dominoes, seen at the Retro Village hub of West Norwood Feast. It was very misty today, which was atmospheric but laid a thin film of moisture on everything (frizzy hair weather). It was chilly, too, but people came out to browse and buy, to eat cake and drink coffee, and to chat over Sunday papers. The sun broke through from time to time and made for a lovely afternoon. 

I left my volunteering spot at Retro to start the play street on my road, meeting Rosie and Sunil around the barriers. The section of the road that we cordoned off seemed suddenly quite long once a person was at each barrier. For the first half hour or so, it was just us, then people started to arrive – kids on bicycles and scooters; kids playing with chalk; adults drinking tea. Drivers for the most part were graciously accepting that the road was closed. I was really chuffed with the road cones I found in the local charity shop saying "play in progress". What a coincidence!

I met seven neighbours that I'd never spoken to before – only one couple was new to the area (just moved in this weekend); all the rest have lived on the road, like me, for years. At the end of the three-hour play, we agreed we should definitely do it again. High Five to our street!

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