Not Deterred

The Head Boy and Head Girl of Dunoon Grammar deserve an accolade for their unflappable determination this morning in the worst conditions I have ever experienced at a Remembrance Sunday service. 

We were all  at  the War Memorial in Dunoon  which is on the sea front facing the pier.  My extra photo today shows the location and a bit of the conditions as it had been blowing a gale for most of the night and an hour before we were due to gather the rain started - sheets of it , driving in from the west.

By the time the ceremony began everyone at the event was already  soaked.  During the two minutes silence there seemed to be lumps of water falling form the sky  and the standard bearers had real difficulty handling their sodden flags .  Then as the wreath layers waited in line to step up to the memorial it got even worse.

These two were the very last to lay their wreath and although most other wreath layers were by this stage trying to shelter behind the local information board  they were unable to do so.   So they were absolutely sodden when their turn came but they did their duty with dignity and then went on , very courageously,  to take part in the final march past.

I was second in line to lay my wreath, but it blew away when I first put it down and I had to grab it and put it back.  Then I was asked to go forward  with the Deputy Lord Lieutenant to take the salute  so had to stand at the front without any shelter and without being able to put my hat on until the parade had passed on its way back towards Argyll St.  

Four hours later I am still drying out ! 

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