... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Naughty Mr.!

More irresistible in large.
Back blip

I was back in London over the weekend, and managed to fit in a Goosle visit! All three fledglings are still on Eagle Pond; Mr. was hardly being tolerant, but he certainly hasn't managed to push them away, and they still mooch about close to Mr. and Mrs. The fledglings all have tatty tail feathers and wing coverts from where Mr. has bitten and ruffled them...

It was lovely to see them (Mr. and Mrs. came bounding over as soon as we arrived), even though it was a(nother) drizzly day; a father and young daughter appeared at one point and fed bread to all the birds (including the Goosles), and Mr. couldn't resist. *tsk*

I've uploaded other Goosle photos to Flickr (right from here).
Mrs. and Mr.
Goosles like puddles
Mr. surrounded by pigeons & Mr. scattering pigeons
Littlest fledgling
Mr. and Mrs. sharing a moment in a puddle (and another)
Mrs. disapproves of Mr's bribability

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