In Spectre

After all the excitement of yesterday's blipmeet at Blenheim, today has been a quieter day for us. The girls were here with us, and we all had a restful day, getting on with a few jobs and some homework. This last week has been long and hard for us at work, so we needed some TLC time.

This evening, Chris and I went to see Spectre at the cinema. We loved it (Daniel Craig, what's not to love?). On our way to the car, we lurked in an alley and took suitably "mean and moody" / "shifty-looking" (depending on how you see it) shots of each other. The sound backdrop of fireworks only added to the feeling of a Bond film.

Have you seen this couple running loose around Aylesbury? If so, do not approach them: they are licensed to, um, work in IT.

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