What did I see today...?

By DaveR


In several ways...

Work first of all and more deadline manicness plus the usual load to shift means I'm getting tired and it's only Wednesday, think an early start may be needed tomorrow/Friday to get it all done as well, not going to be fun!

Football was the next challenge because we only had 7 people show up, and when looking at the genuine lack of skill involved with me being on the pitch
that's like 6.5 people at most! Still we had a good laugh, with a 3-vs-4 and then a 3-vs-3 setup on a small pitch - at the end we tried some group keepy-ups with a best of 16 between us (that's 16 different people, actual hits was more as some folks took a couple of touches to control it). That was about when I realised I hadn't done a footy Blip yet, and with us all too knackered to play it seemed like I wouldn't get a chance to.

Except I reckoned without the willingness of Gav and Damo to have a laugh (despite all of us being knackered & baking in the heat), and with a deftly lobbed ball by Mark we recreated a bit of a sliding challenge - that is to say they stood there, I shot and Mark threw a ball - no actual footballing skill was involved! I do like the intense look on Gav's face and the apparent pain on Damo's though, great bit of effort - next time I'll have to put more in myself to get an in-game shot if I can.

More work and rounders tomorrow, although I'm not sure if my team has a game - plus side that means there's the opportunity for lots of photos if I go and watch my friends play instead - maybe I'll outdo "The Catch".

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