What I've Done

By JohnGravett

Terror on the train!

After a late flight to Heathrow from Reykjavik, I overnighted at a central London travelodge, before catching the 8.30 train home. I finally had three and a half hours to sit at my laptop and hopefully look through some of the shots from the trip.

Image my horror, when looking at my Wednesday file (the glacier lagoons) I had a gaping hole from File 1605 to 2019 - over 400 pictures, from probably my favourite day, missing!

Looked through lightroom, could see the pics, but each one said "file missing or damaged". Was thinking of just throwing myself off the train, when after over an hour's searching, I found them, inadvertantly dragged (obscurely) indo some sub-sub directory buried in the bowels of the machine.

Celebrated with a cuppa, nothing missing. Took hardly any pics on Sunday, so I rather liked the view ofmy computer on the train, with Preston station flying past.

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