Two bees or not two bees

This photo could make you think it was spring!  We got a break in the rain and I was out the door in a flash.  My feet got soggy walking around the back yard but I didn't care.  Then the sun came out!  I grabbed my chair and Peace hopped in my lap, Spirit sat under the chair and Mini-me stayed close enough that I could hear her 'singing' to me.  Princess & Neenah wandered over to see what was up but then headed to the porch and their chairs for naps.

There are beginning to be several nice blooms on the Confederate Rose bush now.  

Ms Cardinal sat in the crepe myrtles and waited until I went back inside before going to the feeder to eat.

I was surprised to see that we still have some Cloudless Sulphur butterflies here.  I saw them feeding on the Confederate Roses and the Canna Lilies

I've come back in 'cause it looks like more rain and I need to hem a pair of slacks my hubby bought me the other day.  :-)

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