Enjoy Every Sandwich: The Bonfatto's Tuna Sub

One of the things that you know about me is that I love to eat! I enjoy good food; especially beautiful, tasty food. And I have been known to go out of my way to get it. But on this day, I didn't have to go far. It was a day when I worked at home. And in fact, I never left the house. But my husband did.

It's heading on toward winter here, and so he took my car to get its winter tires put on the front so I may safely drive it in bad weather. And he ran some errands in town and brought us back hoagies from Bonfatto's in Bellefonte for our lunch.

Pictured in this photo is the famous Bonfatto's tuna sub (also known as a hoagie). It features a mixture of tuna and mayo and other undisclosed elements (the Bonfatto's menu says it's a "secret blend"), and is topped with veggies such as lettuce, tomato, and onion.

The Bonfatto's tuna hoagie has been a favorite occasional treat since a friend first introduced me to them in the 1980s. Bonfatto's only has their one location in Bellefonte now, but back in years gone by, they had a State College location as well, at Hill's Plaza, and that was where I got my fix.

And so it was that I got to stay home on this day, while car work was done and errands were run and food was brought home without any effort on my own part. Ah, it's a good life. . . .

About the title of this Blip . . . one of the things we all learned from Warren Zevon was his famous quote - uttered on the David Letterman show after Warren learned that he was dying - that one should "enjoy every sandwich."

And in fact, I find that much of life's happiness comes down to small things: having something meaningful to do in a day, having someone to love who loves you, enjoying good health, having something to look forward to in each day, and having good things to eat and drink.

These are words of wisdom, folks: Enjoy every sandwich!

After Warren Zevon passed, his friends made a tribute album called, fittingly enough, Enjoy Every Sandwich. There are many songs on it that I like, sung by many famous people.

The song I've selected to accompany this blip is one of my favorites from that album: Poor, Poor Pitiful Me. It is sung on the tribute album by Bonnie Raitt and Jackson Browne, and has been famously covered for a very long time before that by the lovely and talented Linda Ronstadt.

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