Frosty Dew

I saw frost on the roofs today and made a quick trip out with my camera to catch some dewy drops. These were on the Euphorbia. Then I carried on with my day. The WTA bus didn't come. When I called they appologized and offered to send a taxi for Arvin. But I said not to do that. I drove him instead and got to talk to my friends at tha Alzheimer's Society. Nice to see them.

Spent quite a bit of time exploring the idea of taking one more trip with Arvin this March. Still haven't decided.

Then I worked on my book from photos I took during our recent trip. I get a bit obsessed with my photos at times. (Understatement of the century) still have quite a bit to do.

Raven came and did a bunch of work on our yard. Then Steve came for dinner and games. Nice day. Quite relaxed.

My eyes seem fine and free of any pain. I do think there is less glare now. That is very nice indeed.

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