The second half of life..

By twigs


Yes - a whole 5 minutes I think.  Just enough to wet the ground.

A productive day today, though one with a few peaks and troughs.

First trough came as I drove out of my driveway to head to work at exactly the same time as a young fella of about 7 scooted past my driveway.  He collided with the side of my car.  I think we were both shocked but fortunately, he was fine.

Second trough was when I was leaving work this evening.  One of the school's semi-feral cats had caught a seagull and almost killed it.  A lady who was at the swimming pool with her daughter saw the event unfurl and headed out to shoo away the cat just as I came out of the building.  The bird was in such a poor way but neither she nor I had the guts to be able to put it out of it's misery.  We found a high spot well out of reach of the cat.  I can make all sorts of excuses about my feelings but when push came to shove, I couldn't put my feelings aside to help the relieve the birds obvious pain.  I feel so gutless.

In between these two troughs was the most positive feeling about a few work-related issues I've had in a long time.  Nothing concrete.  No changes.  Nothing, ostensibly, will change.  But the glimmer of light I saw through the crack, the conversations I had, the listening, the understanding and the appreciation that was evident glowed brightly indeed.  One of those rare moments when you can actually witness yourself beginning to change your mind...........

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