Tractor Tuesday - High

Farmer Franz enlisted the help of Farmer Christian to help load up some of the branches from our felled spruce trees. Christian has a John Deere 1950 rather hidden by the trailer and crane. He put together the crane/trailer himself buying a used crane and welding it all together. It doesn't have a great telescopic range but serves his normal purpose of picking up logs in the forest.

Christian is one of four people I am aware of as having a John Deere in the village (I am one of the four) and they are all older models. Most farmers here seem to have Deutz and Fendt tractors. Unlike Franz with his two New Hollands, and three Deutz, I think Christian only has the one tractor - very unusual in these parts..

Thanks guys - sadly only managed to get rid of about half of the work (two trailer loads) so I will have to consider taking on the 6km trip with my John Deere and trailer to the council compost yard. The two trailer loads should end up being shredded tomorrow and dried for Franz's wood central heating system.

Had been a very hectic day, all sorts of unexpected calls & visits (incl. Franz & Christian, the septic tank maintenance visit, Kathi picking up the horse trailer) which completely threw my plan. Poor dogs didn't get their morning walk until 6:00pm. However we were rewarded by the most spectacularly colourful sunset.

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