My life fragments 2020

By MrsLinda

Greetings from the Havel's Place

Our university celebrates 26 years from the Velvet Revolution and 65 years of the higher education in Pardubice. Today the Havel's Place was unveiled - the place consists of Havel's bench created by famous architect and designer Borek Sipek and a lime tree, a symbolic tree of the Slavs. The two glass artifacts represent Vaclav Havel's signature: two coloured pens he always had on him were red and green. The red heart and the green snail were inspired by Havel's signature. 

After the ceremony we could see a documentary movie called 'Our Wazsek'  and it was truly heartwarming to see how much our Polish neigbours loved our prezident. When there was his funeral in Prague in December 2011, some of his friends who couldn't get to the cathedral falsified the invitation cards. :-)

It was my day off today and I am glad I decided to spend it at my workplace. :-)

A Word about Words – samizdat essay
„The point I am trying to make is that words are a mysterious, ambiguous, ambivalent and perfidious phenomenon. They can be rays of light in a realm of darkness, as Belinsky once described Ostrovsky’s Storm. They can also be lethal arrows. Worst or all, at times they can be one or the other. They can even be both at once!“
Václav Havel:
A Word about Words – samizdat essay, July 25, 1989

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