By Birgit

Friday the thirteenth

A couple of weeks ago the fire alarm went off at school, before everyone was evacuated, it turned out to be the burning of the biscuits which a group of pupils were baking. Today however, when the fire alarm went off and all circa 400 children, pre school infants, staff and others stood outside, the fire brigade arrived in two fire trucks. There was rumour about a gas leak. It was raining.
You would be amazed how calm everyone behaved. Ofcourse the children were talking and even shouting. They're children. But overall they stayed were they had to wait until further orders.
After some time we lead the children to the community centre where at least it was dry and warm.

The fire fighters couldn't find any gas leak and as organised as we left the school we returned.
Different than some pupils: I don't believe in Friday the thirteenth.

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