Lost in Thought

By steveng

Ledbury Park

We were over in Ledbury today to visit our daughter and her family.  We took a walk up into the town, partly to let James have a snooze in his push chair and partly for the excellent cakes & coffee in the market hall cafe. While Gill and Rachel went shop 'mooching' I had a wander about for a blip - and settled on this view of Ledbury Park.  Said to be one of the more important historical buildings in the town ... and its not exactly the only old building of merit there.

Edit - added in an extra of a basket of shallots and squashes outside the organic veg shop.  Ledbury is big enough, and I suppose affluent enough, to keep  these independent shops in business, but not quite big enough to rate a large supermarket which I assume is why the high street has kept much of it's old world charm.  The meat for our dinner came from a traditional butchers and was rather good!

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