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By KeithKnight

June Challenge - Music - Not This Way Now

Today's Challenge is Music - How I Listen To It.

This is not how I listen to music, and haven't done so this way for some decades.

Pictured is my Dad's old record player. I can just about remember him buying it so it is probably over 50 yrs old. I do know it is mono, the amplifier is valved (including 12AT7/ECC81 if I remember correctly), and is has 4 speeds, 16/33/45 and 78 RPM.

I didn't risk plugging it in - it is at least a decade since it was last powered up, probably 2 decades.

No prizes for guessing the album that I put on it (the colour will tell many of you, the younger ones may need to read the label) - songs from the era when the record was still 'state of the art', except that you didn't say that then.

I was working recently with one of the few people left who can maintain Neumann disc cutting lathes, a fascinating guy and a fascinating technology - something that you could see, it wasn't hidden inside a little black lump.

For the record, I listen to music from CD on my DVD player, on my car CD/Radio, or on a PC. MP3s I can listen to on my Car CD/Radio or a PC.

I don't own an iPod or similar machine, I do have a MiniDisc, but it hasn't been used for a few years now, I have no working cassette player or record player, which is a pity as I have quite a collection on both of those mediums. One day I'll have some time to copy all that onto a PC.

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