By wsjohnson

So 75 years ago we too had a few visitors

For most of you the events that took place across the channel last night were horrendous, undeniably maniacal, devastating, cruel, unspeakable and cause to be alarmed and for the record (if it needed to be said) that feeling is here as well

Here it's felt more 'personal' due in large part to the fact that we know people in Paree (as most of you do as well) and had no clue if they were in a place of (relative) safety and with no real way to ascertain if that was indeed the case, She fretted and cried out against unknown faces, forces and fools.

May the souls of those removed from our consciousness be at peace, they left us far too soon and in a way that's yet to be addressed by those in power and the jackals who feel compelled to believe they should be in power - IDIOTS ALL -

I won't wish death to those who committed the act, or their compatriots who cheered them on, that's what they desire, instead I wish them peace

Moving on . . . (if that's possible)

So yeah, 75 years ago we had (when I say "we" I mean the city of Coventry) a few visitors, ours were over for a brief tour, they came from Germany and while here, left a few momentos to be remembered by. 

(some can still - STILL - be found here and there)

The most telling and lasting "memory" of our uninvited, but treasured, "guests" is the poignant and fading sense of vigilance against such a visit occurring in Coventry again; at least from the skies

Tonight - in about two hours, people from across the city and county, will join hands and pass candles from one to another, in remembrance of those who - through no fault of their own -  left us far too soon that (up till the visitors dropped by) enjoyable November night - unannounced and unexpected they arrived I hasten to add - leaving in their wake a sense of terror, dread, uncertainty and DEFIANCE!!!

To quote Sir Elton John - sort of - "We're Still Standing" as is Paree

God Bless Coventry, God Bless Paree

The photo is a slice of the Memorial located above the mass grave of the citizens killed by the German Blitz on the city of Coventry 14th November 1940, the names of the citizens lost that night are etched in the stone for all to see, respect and remember. 

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