By RedDevil

Flaming Red Pom-Pom

It’s been a crazy, but fun time in our household with five family visitors staying for almost a week and unexpected work commitments taking up any spare time I’ve had.
But, the house is now quiet and back in order….. it was a perfect spring day, so work was put to the side, as the garden beckoned!
My first unexpected surprise was an eagle swooping way to low, being chased by a zillion cockatoos and a number of other birds.  I do live close to the bush,  but it’s a rarity that a bird of prey is seen.  Anyway, by the time I’d grabbed a camera they were soaring way too high…. But when I checked the photos, there were actually two raptors causing havoc!   I think I may need to leave a camera permanently on my deck in future!
This divine flame-red pom-pom is an inaugural flower on my very old NZ Christmas Bush (Metrosidros Thomasii) Hedge.  It’s been hiding under a Cedrus Deodar for many years, but for a number of reasons the Cedrus had to be removed and this little hedge decided to show a sample of spectacular flowering, now that it can finally see the sun.  I just can’t wait for next year when the whole hedge should be showered in flaming Red Pom-Poms.


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