Travelling Light......

.....well I really don't believe there is such a thing. I've packed and unpacked far too many times trying to lighten my load, preparing for all kinds of weather for the next week, nevermind about camera gear, my cousin says 'bring the lot!' - haha, I don't think so!

Anyway this little blackbird seemed to enjoy giving me a wink, perhaps he knows a thing or two about travelling light.

Mum and I had a wonderful visit with R. For the first time in ages mum was his wife and not his mother, he remembered all of his brothers, his children, my hubby and two daughters. His suitcase was empty and still in his wardrobe, it's a good feeling to be going away for a few days knowing he's happy and quite settled.

An early start tomorrow leaving home at 5.20am as hubby will drop us off at the airport before he starts work, by the time we check in we won't have long to wait before our 7am flight to Rotorua - both mum and I are quite excited!

All going well I hope to keep blipping, but we'll see.

Keep well blippers, Happy Tuesday :)

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