By cyclops

Yellowspotted Burrfish

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We were supposed to dive two very well known sites today, but MrsCyclops had some trouble with her ears and I had a bit of pharoe's belly so we decided we weren't up for it. Instead the guys at the dive center very kindly juggled things so we could do a couple of easy dives on the house reef, "Lighthouse Reef", just across the promenade from the dive center.

Close to home it may be, but this is still a fabulous reef and we were able to do two really relaxed dives for over an hour each. Lots of scorpionfish and pipefish on these dives, but the highlight was a 2 foot Yellowspotted Burrfish, a member of the porcupinefish family and a close relative of the Starry Puffer I blipped yesterday.

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