By Maisiebeth

Mojo Regained

I know it's not the most interesting picture I have ever blipped but I have spent the day making cards for a class tomorrow and suddenly realised at 8.15 that I haven't taken any photos today. Apart from the Christmas cards that I have made and I thought you might shout if I posted Christmas again! (Have snuck it into the extras, just in case tho)

So you are seeing the "befores" of my next projects. It has been a while since anything has inspired me craftwise, but something really did in a big way yesterday and I am eager to start. Think dark fairytales for grown-ups!

Will post when it is finished.

btw entered one of my pictures, splishin' and splashin' into the Guardian On-line Witness assignment about "Friends" and it was chosen as one of their favourite 15 out of 193 entries. Chuffed!

Don't forget to enter your derelict photos into the Derelict Sunday challenge. Pictures can be posted any day of the week up to and including Sunday, this week with the DS5 tag. There are a few up already if you want a bit of inspiration. Hosted by sdg92 with a little help from yours truly!

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