Body Parts

Can you guess which part of the body this is? If you are of a "certain age" the chances are that you will have been confronted with this image.

Yes, you've guessed. It's a cross section of the ear.  I had my first ever Hearing Aid test today, not, I hasten to add that I think there is anything wrong with my hearing but I took a test on one of these new machines our local chemist has had installed and you can test yourself.  I was horrified to be told that I should go and have it checked properly.

Well, that was it this afternoon. I was a bit miffed to be told I had minor hearing loss though the good news was that I was told to come back in a year's time.

According to the young girl in the Hearing Clinic its all to do with personal perception. She said she has some people come in and insist they have a problem yet when tested their hearing is fine. Others claim they do not have a problem yet the tests clearly show they have.
As she said its all a matter of perception. As far as I am aware I am unable to hear the owls hooting at night when M says he can. Hardly earth-shattering.

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