Cold, bright and clear

This was first thing in the morning, when I was taking a circuitous route to the Belles' meet up at the Commie Pool. I'd already been to the bike shop to sort out a small mechanical (derailleur malfunction resulting from the bike having been blown over on Thursday) and had plenty of time left to make the 10.30 meet up. Plenty of time to stop, then, along Abbeyhill to catch the slanted shadows and the back of the buildings on Abbey Strand. And indeed to take an entirely voluntary and gratuitous trip over Arthur's Seat, rather than taking the direct route. I felt virtuous.

It was cold out but ok so long as you kept going. Three layers probably wasn't quite enough.

Home via the bike shop again, but unfortunately the bike I wanted to roadtest had been taken off somewhere by the owner to a show or something. Another time.

Some rugby on the tv. Trying to stay warm - this is one of those days when I'd really like to have a open fire, but no can do in our sort of building. Comforting shepherd's pie for tea. Can't wait. I'm ravenous.

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