One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye


Mr Smith doesn't half do it... 

There are few people for whom I'd set the alarm clock to half past three in the morning. 
To cycle into Dun Laoghaire to catch the airport bus at 4 am, in the icy cold wind. 

He is one of them.

And a fine collection of like-minded individuals 

The fact that I am back home in Dublin and the first to leak photographs from today's session in the Cafe Royal leads to me to believe that their earlier plans of calling it an early night may have been dropped at some blurry stage, in favour of an all out session. 

Strange, for people renowned for their restraint and passion for moderation. 

Thanks again for a great afternoon, and especially to you 'imindoors for organising the annual Blipfoto wake.  

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