Light and sound

It's the weekend Oxford holds a festival all over the centre of town as it switches on the Winter lights (now renamed the Christmas lights after the Daily Mail stamped its angry little feet a few years ago). Here, a performance of illuminated umbrellas; in extras a couple of shots from a magnificent 15-minute animation projected onto the Clarendon building. Some of it involved a photo of the Clarendon building projected onto itself in perfect alignment, in which several architectural features were moved around. Inspired. I took over 100 photos just of the Clarendon show and have managed to persuade myself to delete only 40.

I also followed a sound trail round the city, listening to electronic cicadas in Wellington Square, a miniature wind-farm amplified in front of the Natural History Museum and the strung frame of a piano in Pembroke quad made to play by projections of birds flying. It wasn't so much that the music was good as the fact that it sharpened my ears. So when a squeaky bicycle came up behind me I really wasn't sure whether its music was part of the programme or a gift from chance. And what does it matter, as long as you are listening?

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