Sgwarnog: In the Field

By sgwarnog


The first really cold day of winter brought a light fall of snow that was still gathered between the tussocks on the moor into the afternoon. But the sun was out and I had most of the day free for a walk so I headed out to see how the natural world was moving on.

Down at Tong Park dam the usual birds were in residence, with the addition of one visiting Cormorant which was ignoring the angling club's insistence on a license for fishing.  The moor was quiet until I reached Birch Close Lane, where a large flock of Golden Plover (100), Lapwing (20), Starling (50) and a few gulls were cohabiting. At  the boggy pasture of Glovershaw there was a small flock of Fieldfare (20) but no sign of geese. Back over the moor there was another small flock of Golden Plover (20) and Lapwing (2) at Hope Farm and then 60 more Golden Plover, including those pictured here, on the 17th fairway of the golf course.  They look a little more comfortable than those I blipped huddled down out of the wind in January.

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