What's your favourite colour ...

Of poinsettia then? Well today, for the first time ever, I/we saw PINK poinsettias, yay! I was so thrilled that they've now "made" pink ones. Having said that, and loved and appreciated these fine varieties, I will declare that I am a poinsettia purist and I'm afraid it's red all the way for me!

Ev and I headed out to the Flower Market again today, this time to purchase said plants for our church. Had to have the tall poinsettias for the first advent which is this coming Sunday. Found a super great deal which meant we were able to buy two more, which will make it all the more festive.

We were also wearing our thicker fleeces as the temps have REALLY dropped and it was windy. I think it was 17 C when we headed out ....brrrr!!!

Pilates was a little more painful than usual, as we focused on upper body and that's where my aches and pains are mostly :(. I do look forward to heaven and my glorious pain-free body. Maranatha.

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