By JoolzF

Sandwich Tern

Today was the final leg of our walk on the Anglesey Coastal Path. It was incredibly windy for a summer's day which made it unpleasant for walking, especially as the direction was right into our faces.

The wind did however bring one advantage when we came to Cemlyn Bay nature reserve where there is a large breeding colony of Sandwich terns, and also quite a few Common and Arctic terns. We stood watching the terns for a long while as they flew out to sea and returned with fish in their bills to feed to their young.

Their journey out was easy as they had the wind in their favour, but coming back they had to fight against the wind. While hard work for the poor terns it was ideal for me trying to photograph these normally fast moving birds.

I was pleased with this shot of a Sandwich tern returning with a fish in its bill.

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