By HilaryinOman

Eastern Imperial Eagle(Aquila heliaca)

What a sight, this magnificent bird was soaring in the sky and gave me a truly unforgettable flypast. Oman has been given the title of 'Eagle Capital' in the Winter and it is living up to its name. The other day I posted an equally impressive raptor, a Greater Spotted Eagle, which is dark brown with cream spots on the top of his wings and dark brown, almost black on his underwings. This Imperial Eagle(juvenile) has mainly brown feathers with heavy cream vertical streaking. Apparently the adults are sometimes seen in Southern Oman. This bird is a passage migrant and very, very welcome winter visitor. In my extra photographs I have included another shot of this bird, almost looking as though he thinks I'm edible and a very scary visitor( for me), next to where I was hiding in the bush to get this shot. Luckily as you can see he's just eaten! (He was a very big Wadi Racer, that is not venomous, but gave me a scare! This Eastern Imperial Eagle is my sharpest hand-held full zoom flight shot to date, so I'm quite happy!

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