It's hard to be a Granddad what he said and I will explain later as I am being turfed out of my study to accommodate a lovely wee lassie in her cot.
This is roughly what happened today. I have been given a bit of time off duties to do that.

Our daughter and AFSIL and children came round as planned to clear out the loft which is not a problem. Mr AF wanted us to make decisions to lessen the work, which is what we did.......... Practically done.

At this point AFSIL has taken over our dinner which is good as I've just lost the plot..
I'd better stop now

To Talk about the photo. Jody wanted to have the train track build exactly like it was in the drawing, which it was but he was not able to read the drawing as it was exaggerated in its perspective. He still insisted to have it the way he thought and was upset but we got there in the end and Granddad did what was required and Jody was very happy for a long time.

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