Saturday Fun

We were spared the chill of watching the footie today as the match was cancelled. I think they were expecting awful weather but could have got away with it as the first part of the day was fine. It is sounding a bit more wet and wild out now, though.

So, we decided to head to the Library for an hour this morning. Mum and I enjoyed a latte whilst Leo did the leaf hunt. There were 12 leaf shapes to find and identify. He found them all but identified only 3/12 correctly - I couldn't have done much better.

As well as being amused by the Lego sign, I liked the sound of their mystery Christmas books (extra). I may well take pot luck!

Leo had a friend around for the afternoon so lots of mayhem ensued. It did the trick of wearing Leo out as he went to sleep in record time tonight.

I am a big shattered myself so I think it is time for a quick read before I drop off.

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