Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Geese at sunset

This afternoon there was some dry weather - even some sunshine. It was less reliable, less sunny than the Met Office forecast, but we were out, walking by an improbably high tide on an equally improbably calm sea, given all the wild, tumultuous weather we've been having. The tide was so high, in fact, that had there been any waves at all we'd have found the Ardyne shore road pretty impassible.

But as it was, it was lovely. And just as I was taking a photo of the clouds reflected in the sea in the way that is only possible in a calm, a skein of geese flew noisily from my left and refused to be ignored. So this photo breaks the rules of horizons and means, and instead captures both the sea that I started out wanting to picture, and the geese, on the top left of the sky. They flew towards the setting sun, and didn't return.

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