I needed to get a passport photo taken so I headed over to Ilkley in the fog after taking Little Dog for a quick spin on the park.  I didn’t take my camera out and knew I’d not find it easy getting a picture now.  On the way home, after feeling irritated that I couldn’t persuade myself to unhook my foot from the accelerator to investigate street photography, I started planning an EDB with CJ.

Impulsively, I put on the brakes at the Cow & Calf to take a photo in the cloud.  I had my little town boots on which weren’t at all appropriate for the wet, sliding grass under my feet.  Despite them being flat, they are as smooth as ballet shoes and I was tottering about like a real idiot.  After taking a photo and nearly taking a backsider, I was about to head back when I noticed the fog looking like it was separating.  

I tottered on, waiting only a short while, to find this mini cloud inversion streaming over Ilkley. 

Feeling satisfied and lucky, I headed back home and changed my fairly non-existent bike brakes with new pads. Without incident.  But I’ll be taking it easy on the descents before I confirm that100%.  

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