... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Goosles Like Oats

More lovable in large.

Oh yes, Goosles like oats... I went to visit the Goosles today, and now that the fledglings have moved on (*sigh*), Mr. is much more calm and will even take oats from my mother's hand.
It was lovely to see Mr. and Mrs., and I've uploaded quite a few shots to Flickr (right from here).

I also went to Tate Britain, and was rather taken by Susan Phlipsz's "War Damaged Instruments" installation, which consisted of an array of megaphones playing back recordings of brass instruments that were used (and damaged) in war. Each was recorded playing a single note of The Last Post (or a note being attempted...), and they're played back in a disjointed way. I must admit that I was mesmerised by the array of instruments being played in surround sound, and although I found the concept interesting (on reading the information boards), I was just as taken by the installation before finding out what was behind it...
Tate architectural shots are right from here.

Mr. begging
Mr. preening
Mrs. perching and preening

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