Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Yellow rose in the gloom

Today was one of positively inspissated gloom (I love that word ...) but it didn't really rain, not in terms of what we've been having. And so it was that Mr PB and I found ourselves in the early afternoon bashing along the road that runs round the hillside above the West Bay houses, splashing through the puddles and looking forward to dinner because we'd at last managed to get out and walk a couple of miles or so. And just below the hill where Holy Trinity Church is perched, we came upon this yellow rose, hanging over someone's wall in such a way as to bash the unwary passer-by on the nose. We were sufficiently aware, however, to avoid being bashed and instead stopped to admire its tenacity, and its slightly frayed beauty against the lowering sky.

An Advent rose. Nice.

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