The forecast said it would rain for most of the day so I took a walk up the road earlyish, while it was still dry and the light was interesting. I had to haul myself up into a hedge to get this shot. There's no gateway on this side for a long time and this view's gone when you get there. The hedges have been cut since I was last here, I'm pleased to say and I think it might have been a badger run that enabled me to get up there. You might notice a distant view of those trees along the ridge that I've photographed on various occasions.

It's Lady Marian's birthday today. We're going out for a meal and then on to see a band in Paignton.

Yesterday's didn't go up until quite late so if you haven't seen it, do take a look. I think it's quite a nice shot of my little tree on the Teign shore.

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