Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Approaching ...

I've had an interesting and fulfilling day, with photographs to match, but in the end I had to choose this, taken from the Cumbrae ferry this afternoon as we realised that this magnificent weather lay ... well, over Dunoon, actually, whither we were about to return. Look closely and you'll see a rainbow, bravely struggling against the livid clouds, and the last sun on the top of Knock Hill, above Largs.

We'd been at a funeral in the Cathedral of The Isles - not a personal friend, but the mother of someone we've sung with and known for many years. We sang the Kontakion for the Departed at the end, followed by a plainchant Nunc Dimittis as the coffin was carried out. People thanked us, and I think we made a difference.

The Kontakion in that place and in these circumstances is special for me: I shall blog about it on blethers.blogspot.com, and I shall post my photos on Flickr. 

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