Information Retrieval

By Syetuttle

ED Says.....

You need a laser cutter. Yep. We ain't got one and life would be SOO much easier if we had one.

Snag: they only cost about £10k!

Present snag: many of my work hours are spent on the CNC router shown in the blip. Great machine (a Denford), very reliable and can do some really, really cool stuff on it but requires much setting up and post cleaning. Though I enjoy working on the Denford, I just wish I can commit myself more to the other parts of the department without being bogged down with "setting up the next job" on it.
BUT then again for a machine that costed just over 10 grand a decade ago, the denford ain't doing too bad.

On the plus side I read a bit of Spike Milligan to Tuttle Jnr before he went to bed. We were wetting ourselves with laughter so much one of us trumped!

Another day, another dollar tomorrow......

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