Here Comes Santa Claus!

Moira was extremely excited this afternoon to wear her "Santa" dress.  Even though her school program was not until the evening, she wanted to put on her special dress right after school. 
We have a small christmas tree that is just for the grandkids with felt ornaments that they can play with.  It took her an hour to decorate this small tree.  She very carefully placed all the ornaments on the tree and many times moved them to a "better" spot!  
For her school program, she had to wear a Shepherd's costume.  At first she didn't like the costume because of the headdress, but when she was given a shepherd's staff to complete the costume, then she was very happy with being a Shepherd.  Her Pre-K class sang the song "If you're Happy Christmas".  It was very cute and all the kids sang and acted very well.  

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