Seeker of Everyday Magic

By Squatbetty

345/365: Glow

I walk by this house nearly every day on my way home. It was freezing today and this glow was very welcoming to see. 

Dark streets with glowing windows fascinate me for some reason, maybe that's why I love looking at Atkinson Grimshaw's work so much. I've got a book about him from the library and I'm enjoying "oohing and aahing" my way through it. 

Did lots of Christmas shopping today, both online and in some of the little independent shops in Bingley. Just got a few Awkward Annies still to buy for and then I'm done. I'm looking forward to decorating my living room and tree this weekend too. Every trimming has a meaning and a memory and they're all good ones.

Hope everyone has a nice weekend x

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