Never have I seen so much water coming off this part of the moors and streaming through the local fields.  It took me all day to summon up the desire to get outside into the deluge.  I got changed.  I got back into my jeans.  Told myself to get a grip.  Got back changed. And got outside.

Glad I did.

I thought a couple of times that I might have to turn back or get wet feet but I managed to get through until the point where I didn't want to turn back. That's when we had to wade to my shins. Wet feet. But I can't complain. Little Dog was up to her chest.

To avoid the road, we headed onto the moors but couldn't cross the torrent at the bottom so headed up higher to this point in the hope of it being narrower. It was still impossible to get across here but just a little higher saved us having to go all the way back down.

The lights were twinkling in the village and despite the murk and wet, it felt quite festive.

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