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By kendallishere

Hope and disappointment

Those sunflower umbrellas we saw last week had a debut dance performance Saturday at the Climate Justice march in Portland organized by 350PDX (see Extra). I have stored color pictures here and portraits (mostly b&w) here. About 400 people showed up despite pouring rain and gusting winds that made it impossible to unfurl the umbrellas or hang the banners, but I had a wonderful time in the pouring rain, making portraits (like this one) of people doing what they can do to counter the hideous affects of global climate change brought on by unwise dependence on fossil fuels and pollutants. Sadly, the "accord" reached in Paris fell short of the 1.5 C goal of many climate justice activists. There's info here if you have only heard the hype about what a great thing the accord is. But these climate justice people are going to keep on fighting, and I'm hugely encouraged to see the power of their intention, their hope, and their energy.

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