Pictorial blethers

By blethers


I was in the city today - for lunch, to pick up a badge with a unicorn on it, especially made for me by a senior member of the clergy, to do a little shopping. But for this small-town dweller, part of the attraction of my home city at this time of year lies in the lights, and in particular the lights in Princes Square, where this photo was taken.

By the time I took it, I had had a bibulous and noisy lunch with sundry rellies, had travelled on the underground, had walked too far and in overheated shops in the wrong footwear and was gagging for a cup of tea. Most of the daytime crowds had gone home - we were loitering to avoid the rush-hour on the M8 - and there was a slightly desolate feel to the almost-empty shops. 

But the lights were lovely. 

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