By ChrisGroucutt

Christmas Pipes

We're racing down the days to Christmas, and today was the annual trot to the local church to watch the school do their nativity. It's normally quite a grand affair, with lots of acting and what not, but today was much more subtle, and consisted of just a few songs. What they did was splendid though, and the little one did a couple of carols and songs with her school choir so it's all good. The Christmas feels continue to build, and that's what it's all about.

I'm certainly not religious in the traditional sense, but I do love churches, their architecture and histories, so it's surprising to me that this is the first church related blip this year. Then again I've chosen a photo of the organ so that's a bit of a cop-out I guess. I've been in this particular church a good few times over the years, for various reasons, but never heard the organ played. Maybe I should just go down and ask for a go... 


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