Information Retrieval

By Syetuttle

Castles And Dungeons

Or CAD for short. Finally got round to sorting out some 3D software on an old STL file. All we need now is for Solidworks to be reinstalled so our students can get designing again. We have had problems in the past with Windows 8 followed by converting to Windows 7 and having to move/rearrange the department over the summer giving me little or no time to smooth things out.

This particular job took a while with a little glitch occurring half way through: a bit of "crabbing" due the the machine's age and amount of dust from the roughing & rastering process. Alot of machining from solid wood (jellutong), yes, but it worked. As I mentioned on the 9th (we need a laser cutter) this router machine can do some really amazing stuff even though it can't fire a laser. And although laser cutters are pretty damn cool also, they can't be used for 3D modelling like the castle shown here.

Secret Santa tomorrow. So maybe I'll get one and perhaps a 3D printer too!?!

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