Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Sea monster?

I often look at huge tree trunks marooned on the beach, seen them disappear slowly in a pile of sawdust as people remove bits for firewood, sat on them, even, if they were of a comfortable, sea-worn smoothness - I look at them and wonder how and when they came ashore.

This lovely Loch Ness Monster was being battered onto the shore at the Ardyne this afternoon, moving in a lifelike fashion and the waves rolled in. Just after I took the photo, the rain came on with a vengeance and the phone went safely away into an inner pocket. As you can see, darkness is already beginning to fall - at 3.35 in the afternoon. This weather as the solstice nears is hard to bear ...

Beyond the monster the lights of Rothesay on the Island of Bute can be seen in the gloom. I wonder how the 80 or so Syrian refugees who have moved there feel about this weather.

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