... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Goosle Wave

More surprised-looking in large.

Eee, look who it is! I think that they were surprised to see me...
It was lovely to see the Goosles today, and they were on fine form: both of them are looking very well, and Mr. has calmed right down after finally having managed to move the fledglings on (*sniff*).
They came right up to me three times, which was unusual: I don't take them food, but they looked expectant, and came too close for my long lens to focus on them, so I'll have to return with the macro lens. They were close enough to touch, although Mr. flinched and leapt away when I reached out to him.

I've uploaded a bunch of 'welcome back' Goosle shots to Flickr (right from here). Their plumage was blowing in the wind which was fun...
Goosles like puddles
Mr. chattering
Mr. being protective when Mrs. came too close
Mrs. preening

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