All These Things...

By Joestockdale

Ullswater Lake View Terrace

"A single song, a chorus strong
A symphony, songs right or wrong
The band's rehearsing, the radios off
The silence is everything, hold that cough.
Been listening all the night-long
Been listening all the day" Johnny Flynn

A perfectly serene evening down by Ullswater, about an hour after this was taken rain engulfed it all in a mist of grey and blue. I'm getting used to not have any directional light from the sun when i'm shooting now, not to mention I'm a bit sick of it.

One thing I've learnt when it comes to colour correction is that selective colour in photoshop is one of the strongest and best ways to regain texture and also get rid of those horrible luminous greens. The best way to get rid of that vivid digital green is by adding more magenta to the green tab on the selective layer adjustment. It seems to fit really nicely with Lakeland landscapes.

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