Last day at work for a couple of weeks.  Woohoo!  Had a good last day - the calmest ever heading into the Christmas holidays - thanks in large part to having an extra team member now.  Such a relief after literally YEARS of stress!  

Went for lunch at Wagamama with several of my colleagues, which was lovely.  I'd booked a table for 10 people - when we turned up, they told me someone else had taken our booking.  Weirdly someone else called Anna had turned up with a party of 10.  What are the odds?  Anyway, they managed to squeeze us all in after a few minutes' wait.

Bought a HUGE chicken at Waitrose today and lugged it home this evening, ready for Christmas dinner in a couple of days.  It was so heavy and slowed me down so much I almost missed my train!  Just made it though - so glad to get home to Tim and start the Christmas holidays!  He has to work tomorrow, but has decided to work from home, and has also been told he can stop at lunchtime.  Hooray!  :)

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