Steamloc 52 352

Manufacturer: Berliner Maschinenbau-Gesellschaft AG Actien, vormals L. Schwartzkopff, Berlin
Type: Baureihe 52
Serial number: 13 099
Year: 1943
Track gauge: 1435 mm
Place: Beekbergen and since dec 2015 Simpelveld (ZLSM)
No company Worthy
Weight: 136 tons
Length o / b: 23.055 m
BB wheel: 1'Eh2
Power: 1600 hp (1176.0 kW)
Max. speed: 80 km / h
Traction details: Heusinger (or Walschaert) steam distribution, with a hard shove Winterthur bypass device.
Original owners: Deutche Reichsbahn Geschellschaft, Deutche Reichsbahn (DR)
Hist. Numbers: DRG 52 532, DR 52 532

The locomotive came into service in 1943 as DRG 52 532

In 1945 she was claimed by the Russian forces and the TE-532 into service.

In 1962 she returned to the East German railways and was included in the REKO program, and as they drove on 52 8160.

In 1994 the locomotive at the Veluwsche Steam Train Company came to her again gave the number 52 532.

In 1998 the locomotive had a repair where she has been restored to its original is, without the typical mixing preheater on the smoke box.

In December 2015 the steam locomotive was by road to the South Limburg town of Simpelveld, where she is now at ZLSM in the hangar for further refurbishment.

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